Treatment Focus: Problem Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth can cause an untold number of problems and are the commonest cause of tooth pain, swelling and infection in young adults between the ages of 18-24. Thankfully wisdom can be removed safely and efficiently allowing you to get on with your life free from the pain and hassle that these teeth can cause.

The perils of Wisdom teeth

One of the most common procedures that we carry out at Zental is the removal of problem wisdom teeth. This has given hundreds of our patients a huge amount of relief from pain and fortunately for sufferers, it is a procedure we routinely carry out.

Otherwise referred to as third molars, wisdom teeth appear in the mouth much later than the other teeth usually between the ages of 18-24, supposedly at an age where people should be much “wiser” than when their other teeth arrived as a child.

The four grinding teeth furthest to the back of our mouths - wisdom teeth usually grow through the gums during the late teens or early twenties. By this time, the other 28 adult teeth are usually in position, so sometimes there is insufficient space left for the wisdom teeth to grow properly - these teeth become impacted.

Some people never experience any problems with their wisdom teeth, but unfortunately for others they can cause gum disease, tooth decay, pain and infection. It is a relief to know that most problems with wisdom teeth usually go away as soon as they are removed, but the waiting list for treatment on the NHS is very long.

Highly experienced team

If you are experiencing these sort of issues with your wisdom teeth you really should not to need to suffer any longer. At Zental we can quickly remove problem wisdom teeth in a single appointment with the optional addition of conscious sedation to make the procedure even more inconspicuous.

Our highly competent oral surgeons led by Dr. Ihsaan Al-Hadad have numerous years of experience with degrees in both Dentistry and Medicine and have successfully  taken out several thousand wisdom teeth over the years.

If you are suffering from any wisdom teeth issues please contact our team today to arrange for a consultation we can better better assess your needs and advise accordingly.

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