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Zental is a new experience in healthcare. Our team strives to help you achieve wellness by delivering exceptional care that serves your health, wellbeing and comfort.
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Our Guarantee

Treatment guarantee

We take great pride in all of our work and want you to have the peace of mind that we will look after you throughout your journey with Zental and beyond. As a result we offer a guarantee on all our treatments.

At Zental we always strive to give you the very best results and have an excellent track record in the longevity, quality and durability of the work that we provide. This is why we will offer a one year guarantee on all treatments that we provide to offer you a peace of mind that we will provide you with the very best in aftercare just as we do with the treatment that you receive.

We stand behind our work

If you find your filling, root canal filling, crown or dental implant needs repairing or replacing within a one year of the treatment being performed, you will not be charged for your replacement, except where:

  • Your initial treatment was performed as a temporary measure
  • You choose to have a procedure carried out where you have been informed carries a high risk of failure in the short term.
  • You have failed to attend any routine check up or hygiene appointments that have been booked with us.
  • The reason for needing the replacement is due to personal neglect or misuse.
  • In the instance of dental implants you are a smoker and have not stopped smoking prior to your implant treatment having commenced.
  • You need a replacement as a result of trauma
  • You have had additional treatments performed on that tooth since your initial treatment

This does not affect your rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Extended warranties

We not only offer a one year guarantee on any dental treatments. We want you to have the confidence that any issues after one year can be rectified in a swift and cost effective manner.

As a result we have set up an extended warrantee program to help give you peace of mind with more complex treatments. This will be automatically offered to you as an option within your treatment plan. For further information, please ask your clinician or treatment co-ordinator.

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