Overcome your fear of the dentist with the Zental Guide

If you’re nervous about visiting the dentist then you’re not alone – this is a fear that affects a lot of people.

You may have had an uncomfortable experience in the past and be fearing the worst and that can build up anxiety around booking in for an essential visit. The only way to get over a fear of the dentist is to go to the dentist. However, if this is really worrying you there are some simple ways that you can make this a much more pleasant experience with the Zental Guide.

How to stay calm at the dentists

If you’re able to stay calm when you’re at the dentist you can create a more pleasant memory so that the thought of returning again in the future doesn’t cause you so much anxiety. There are some simple ways to do this:

  • Pick a quiet time to go to the dentist. This will often mean a morning appointment. There are a number of benefits to this, including that you won’t have time to get nervous if your appointment is first thing. If you visit the dentist at a quieter time then there will be fewer people around and less noise and disruption. You’re also much less likely to hear things before your appointment that could spike your anxiety, such as a dental drill.
  • Focus on your breath. There are some easy deep breathing techniques that you can learn that will help you to stay relaxed and mindful throughout the experience.
  • Bring some relaxation tools with you. That could be a good book that you’re really engaged with or noise cancelling headphones and relaxing music.
  • Ask a friend to come too. If it makes you feel more reassured you may be able to bring someone with you to the appointment.

If you need a little help when it comes to staying calm at the dentist then sedation can be useful. There are a number of different options for sedation at Zental. IV sedation, for example, which is delivered via a needle, will make you feel calm and drowsy for your treatment but won’t have the impact on your body that a general anaesthetic would. Intranasal sedation is delivered via a spray in the nostrils – no needles required – or you can also opt for pre-medication, which is a pill you can take before your appointment.

Choose the right dentist for you

The right dentist will understand your anxiety and not dismiss it or refuse to acknowledge the impact that it can have on your experience of requiring dental treatment. You might want to look specifically for a dentist with experience with nervous patients and please do be open about your feelings so that you can connect with the best professional for you. Dental support is essential to wellness but so is the experience you have when you’re with the dentist. Finding the right dentist means you can have a more positive experience, one that is focused on you and your individual needs, creating a positive space where you can feel safe and understood.

Although a fear of the dentist is common it doesn’t have to be your experience when you find the right dentist for you.

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