Make a difference to your life with a smile makeover

Smile Makeover
The start of a new year is always a great time to think about what’s really important to you - and where you want to make a difference in your life in the coming months. For many people, boosting confidence and self-expression, and improving relationships, is a priority and this is something that a smile makeover can positively contribute to. In fact, there are many ways in which a smile makeover can make a difference to your life.

What is a smile makeover?

It’s a term that essentially describes the process of upgrading the aesthetic and quality of your smile using restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. The end result is a brighter, whiter and more aesthetically pleasing smile. It’s often the eyes and the smile that light us up as humans when we’re communicating with others so a smile makeover can make a real difference. However, this isn’t just about the way that your smile looks but also how it makes you feel. A smile makeover can have a big impact on both.

Improving self image

For those who are struggling with issues that relate to self image, these often stem from dental problems. Our teeth are one of the first features that people notice about us, especially as humans often use smiling to convey interest and friendliness, as well as confidence. If you know that smiling is going to reveal teeth that are stained and discoloured or misaligned or even missing, then you may find that you simply don’t want to smile. This can have a huge social impact, affecting existing and new relationships and the way that we interact with others when we are moving through the world.

How does a smile makeover make a difference?

If you’re not confident in your teeth - and especially if you feel self-conscious about them - this can have very wide ranging consequences. A smile makeover can make a big difference in some important ways:

●      Giving you the confidence to be yourself in professional situations, such as networking and job interviews (74% of people believe that an unattractive smile can damage your chances of success in business).

●      Ensuring that you don’t feel like you need to hide your smile in social situations, such as meeting new friends or dating(96% of people believe that an attractive smile makes us more attractive to the opposite sex).

●      Collaboration and trust building (one study found that people who were perceived to be smiling in a negotiation had more chance of building trust and successfully closing a deal).

●     Projecting positive perceptions out into the world (some of the traits that are associated with having an attractive smile include being “popular,” “successful” and “trustworthy.”).

An attractive smile is about more than just aesthetics. It can give you the confidence to relax and be yourself without being conscious of issues with your teeth or the image you’re projecting if your smile is unattractive. This kind of confidence can be incredibly powerful when it comes to going forward and living the life you really want to live.

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