Dry January and Your Oral Health

Dry January And Your Oral Health
Entering the new year on a positive note means a healthier lifestyle for many. Giving up alcohol for the first month of the year - ‘Dry January’ - can be a simple way to get 2022 off to a great start. Whether you’re finding some equilibrium again after the indulgences of December, or trying out a new lifestyle change that you’re considering making permanent, Dry January can be the start of some very positive change. Not only that but it can also have some impressive benefits for your oral health too.

The benefits of Dry January

Whatever your reasons for cutting out alcohol at the start of 2022, there are lots of benefits to doing this - for your entire body. For example, you can avoid the liver problems further down the line that frequently result from regular abuse of alcohol and reduce the risk of many of the cancers that are associated with alcohol consumption, including stomach cancer and colon cancer. If you’re currently experiencing sleep problems then you may find that an alcohol-free existence means that you get a better night’s sleep and it can also help to reduce issues such as weight gain and acid reflux. There are also many non-health related benefits that you can enjoy if you’re planning a Dry January, from the positive impact on your finances of not spending money on alcohol, to not having to factor hangovers into the following day.

The link with your oral health

There are a lot of strong links between excessive alcohol consumption and problems with oral health and if you’re planning on doing Dry January this year then you may find these very motivational. If you’re giving up alcohol for January then you could experience:

●      Much better oral health habits. If you’re drinking a lot of alcohol then this can mean you slip into negative oral health habits, such as forgetting to brush your teeth twice a day, floss and use mouthwash.

●      Reducing the risk of oral cancers. Consuming more alcohol contributes to the increased risk in oral and throat cancers.

●      Minimising the potential for tooth loss. There is a lot of sugar in alcohol and this can mean that higher alcohol consumption contributes to tooth decay, and subsequent loss. That’s especially so if you’re also forgetting to clean your teeth after a night of drinking.

●      Avoiding dental erosion. Many alcoholic drinks are very acidic and this can be seriously problematic for your teeth, attacking them over time.

●      Ensuring that you don’t suffer dental damage. Because of the impact that alcohol has on the body, the potential for falls, trips or even fights that can result in dental damage is much higher if you’re drinking regularly. So, doing Dry January ensures that your teeth will be damage free at the start of the year.

Dry January is something that many people will already be signed up for - and it’s not too late to join them. Taking this time at the start of the year to have a month booze-free can have a lot of benefits for your body in general, and is a really positive move for your oral health.

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