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The feeling of being able to smile confidently is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

There may be many reasons why you don’t feel like you want to show your pearly whites, from damage to discolouration and even gaps in your smile. If you want to close the smile gap so that you can be more confident in your interactions with others then there are lots of options to help you do this, including dental implants.

Now is the time for action

The past couple of years have meant many of us have spent more time at home or behind a screen. But now, as the world starts to return to normal post-pandemic, it’s more important than ever to feel confident when you’re socialising, working and moving through your life. If your smile is less than ideal then this could be hard for you - and may result in you keeping it hidden. Now is the time to take action when it comes to correcting your smile. Restorative measures like dental implants can not only help your smile to shine brighter but have a positive impact on how you feel too.

The benefits of dental implants

• Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth - they are matched to the rest of the teeth in your mouth so that no one can tell the difference.

• They are a secure tooth replacement, so you can eat and drink as normal without worrying about damage or loss.

• It’s very easy to keep dental implants clean - once you have them they can simply be brushed and flossed in the same way as you treat your other teeth.

• Dental implants are much easier to maintain than something like dentures - for example, there’s no need to remove and soak dental implants, as you’d need to do with dentures.

• If you have missing teeth or teeth that are chipped or broken, closing the gap with dental implants can restore your confidence as well as your smile.

• The process of fitting dental implants is very simple and your dentist can talk you through it. A local anesthetic is used for dental implants - the procedure is no more uncomfortable than most others that take place in the dentist’s chair.

What do you need to know about dental implants?

There is usually around a three month period in which you won’t be able to smoke, you’ll need to moderate your drinking and there may be some dietary changes necessary to help ensure that your dental implant takes well. However, once the dental implant has been fitted and this period is over, you can return to your normal routines and there won’t be any food that you can’t eat with your dental implant. The cost of dental implants can vary but you can find out more about this by getting in touch with our team.

Dental implants are the simplest, and most secure, way to close the smile gap so that you can feel confident in your pearly whites again.

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