A smile makeover tailored just for you

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Smile makeovers do not need to be complicated or expensive. Sometimes even simple and subtle changes can enhance a smile to no end. The important aspect is ensuring that we address your concerns in a very personalised manner and then advise on the best possible way we can help. There are numerous tools and technological advances that we can now use to give you a preview of your end result even before you have commenced any treatment.

Your Smile Makeover by Zental

Gaps, stains, chips and cracks can naturally combine over the years to make our smiles less appealing and even look prematurely aged. Perhaps you have noticed a little wear on your teeth and they may be becoming less straight. Years of grinding could have visibly reduced the length of your teeth from when you were a teenager. Or maybe you just want a more glamorous, youthful and refreshed look! Fortunately, the highly qualified team here at Zental are experts in crafting a ‘tailor made’ smile makeover. Designed to bring back the symmetry, balance and brightness of your smile!

What we do to transform your smile

Smile Makeovers are performed for many different reasons but are always tailored to meet your unique aesthetic requirements. Here at Zental we can straighten out a crooked smile, resolve severe discolouration, fill gaps between teeth. We can adjust tooth proportion, add symmetry to your smile line and reduce your gum line. As well as enhance the shape, fullness and symmetry of your lips to optimise for the ideal smile.

The science behind the transformation

By simultaneously combining the latest specialist dentistry techniques including orthodontics, dental veneers, composite bonding, dental implants and teeth whitening treatments, it is possible to achieve the smile of your dreams. Ihsaan is a qualified dentist and a doctor who trained as a surgeon. You can rest assured that you are in the most capable of hands and are getting the best that modern technology has to offer.

The first step towards your new smile

We begin with an in-depth consultation to assess your dental health and confirm that the smile makeover treatments you want are right for you. During the consultation, we’ll explore all the options open to you and answer as many questions as you want to ask. You’ll then be given a fully costed treatment plan detailing every stage of the smile makeover journey. So you know exactly what to expect.

Affordable smile makeover treatment

We want a smile makeover to be within reach of all our patients. So we’re committed to offering the option of 0% finance for 12 months or 9.9% over five years.* This way, we can take the financial worry out of the way. And you can get on with getting your ideal smile back now.

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