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Zental’s Cutting-Edge Digital Dentistry

10 June 2019

Here at Zental, it’s our total dedication to your comfort, wellbeing and happiness that sets us apart. This ethos is also why we make sure we stay ahead of the curve by using the latest in digital dentistry technology to treat you with the highest levels of comfort while achieving the best results.

Our investment in cutting edge digital scanning equipment allows us to quickly and comfortably take digital scans (or impressions) of patients’ mouths using the iTero scanner which have a wide variety of uses, such as dental implants and Invisalign ClinCheck treatment plans. Our experienced team loves using digital scanners for  their reliability, speed and precision.

Digital provides more comfort

The speed and comfort of digital scanners is a world away from the traditional impression taking experience which can be very messy and uncomfortable. There is a much less time involved in carrying out a digital full-mouth scan – so you’ll appreciate spending less time sitting in the chair and having a more relaxed experience while you are in it.

Digital provides more accuracy

Compared to conventional impressions, the accuracy and detail in the digital impressions that our intraoral scanners deliver is off the scale. We can see your teeth and gums in full colour, in 3D and magnified so that it’s possible to see an extremely high level of detail. The images are also rotatable on screen enabling us to see the situation from every angle, making diagnosis and treatment planning much easier.

See a dentist’s eye view of your own mouth!

Another great thing about our digital scanner is that we can give you a ‘dentist’s-eye view’ of the inside of your mouth – the bathroom mirror just doesn’t cut it anymore! It makes a huge impact when we are able to show you what we see when we examine your mouth. It also helps you to see any problems there may be with your teeth and gums and to understand why we take the treatment decisions we do.

At Zental all of our patients can benefit from our digital scanning technology. To learn more book a FREE consultation and see it in action for yourself please click here or call us on 0203 982 8602.

To contact us, please click here or call 0203 982 8602

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