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For those with concerns about the appearance of their teeth, there are a number of innovative cosmetic dental solutions – and the team at Zental is well placed to offer the best treatment options to suit your personal aesthetic needs.

Dental veneers are designed to disguise less-than-perfect teeth in terms of tooth-size discrepancy or colour in order to ensure an aesthetically pleasing smile.

A dental veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that fits over the front surface of a tooth to create natural-looking results, perfectly mirroring the translucency of natural teeth.

They not only improve the shape of a tooth (and, in some cases, can lengthen shortened teeth), but can also lighten the colour and enhanced its position.

They are stain resistant and very durable in the long term when planned well.

They are also a great anti-ageing treatment, replacing discoloured teeth with porcelain veneers in the colour of your choice that give you a more youthful appearance.

They can form part of a major smile makeover and can be combined with other cosmetic treatments, such as crowns, bridges, teeth whitening and dental implants, all blending perfectly.

Your first step to a new smile requires you to come in for a free consultation so we can assess your oral health before fitting.

As part of the procedure, we will need to trim some enamel from your teeth to allow room for the added volume of the veneers and you will be required to have ‘temporaries’ fitted whilst our dental ceramicist creates the natural-looking porcelain veneers.

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