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Attractive and natural-looking teeth help us to feel good about ourselves.

But sometimes we may have lost a tooth due to an injury, playing a sport or even through illness.

Whatever the cause, missing teeth can impact negatively on our quality of life – socially, in our health and wellbeing and in our ability to speak and eat.

Luckily, advanced cosmetic dentistry offers numerous solutions to suit all pockets and concerns and, here at Zental, we have a suite of options to help improve your smile.

Bridges are replacement prosthetic teeth that are individually designed to match your natural teeth in look and feel. These are placed on natural teeth and anchored by the teeth either side of the gap.

Dental bridges are commonly used to replace one or more missing teeth.

They are designed to blend in with your teeth and are mostly positioned towards the back of the mouth, which means they are discreet.

If you require a dental bridge, we will take impressions of your mouth so that our laboratory can build you a bespoke restoration. Once completed, you will need to visit us again, so we can fit and polish the final restoration.

Bridges are long lasting, resilient and can be cared for just like your natural teeth.

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