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gentle treatment for problem wisdom teeth

Treatment Focus: Problem Wisdom Teeth

13 June 2019

One of the most common procedures that we carry out at Zental is the removal of problem wisdom teeth. This has given hundreds of our patients a huge amount of relief from pain and fortunately for sufferers, it is a procedure we routinely carry out.

Known by dentists as third molars, wisdom teeth appear in the mouth much later than the other teeth, at an age where people should be much “wiser” than when their other teeth arrived as a child.

The four grinding teeth furthest to the back of our mouths – wisdom teeth usually grow through the gums during the late teens or early twenties. By this time, the other 28 adult teeth are usually in position, so sometimes there isn’t enough space left for the wisdom teeth to grow properly – these teeth are known as impacted.

Some people never experience any problems with their wisdom teeth, but unfortunately for others they can cause gum disease, tooth decay, pain and infection. It is a relief to know that most problems with wisdom teeth usually go away as soon as they are removed, but the waiting list for treatment on the NHS is very long.

Meet Ihsaan, our highly experienced dental surgeon

If you are experiencing these sort of issues with your wisdom teeth you really shouldn’t have to suffer any longer. At Zental we can quickly take out problem wisdom teeth in one straightforward procedure and after a couple of days you will be fine and the pain will be gone.

Our highly competent Principal Dentist Ihsaan Al-Hadad is an experienced surgeon with degrees in both Dentistry and Medicine. Ihsaan has offered surgical treatment for over 10 years during which he has taken out several thousand wisdom teeth.

The procedure is carried out using conscious sedation and you shouldn’t experience any after-effects such as bruising or swelling. It’s really not worth suffering any longer!

If you are suffering from problem wisdom teeth or are concerned about impacted wisdom teeth, contact us today. Please click here or call 0203 982 8602

To contact us, please click here or call 0203 982 8602

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