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Whether you want to whiten your teeth from home or get your teeth whitened in one visit to our practice for instant results, we have an option that fits your lifestyle and needs.
Our Dentists are here to offer the best dental whitening choice for you.

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Tooth whitening is a popular procedure that improves the look of your teeth an overall appearance. It is an effective way of lightening the colour of teeth as well as removing discoloration and stains.

The method involves bleaching teeth to lighten the present colour by several shades and can be done in house or in the comfort of your home. Come see one of our Dentists who will guide you through the best dental teeth whitening choice  Book your free consultation now.


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Yes. There are many teeth whitening methods and some are – In house such as enlighten, and zoom and at-home methods such as Boutique Home whitening. Our dentist will assess your teeth to see which treatment is best suitable for your lifestyle.

Teeth whitening can lasts as long as 3 years but this depends on your maintenance of your teeth, or if you smoke or consume alcohol, and visits to your dentists and hygienist. You will need to consult with your oral care provider.

Despite some discomfort for patients with sensitivity, tooth whitening is a safe cosmetic procedure when done correctly. If you have your whitening done at our dentist’s office, you can be confident that your dentist is using safe techniques and materials.

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Tell me more about this treatment


Tell me more about this treatment