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Teeth in a Day with All-on-4®

All-on-4® – Now’s The Time to Act on Neglected Teeth with Teeth in a Day

20 June 2019

Discover Teeth in a Day with All-on-4®

Life’s journey takes us on many different routes – travel, careers, raising a family and so on. But as the years pass by some of us focus on caring for others and in doing so may allow our own dental heath to be neglected for far too long.

This may be due to a childhood fear of the dentist. This can incredibly and irrationally last until we reach our 40s, 50s and even 60s! Leading to suffering from worsening gum disease, tooth loss and decay and refusing to do anything about it.

Sounds familiar? You may also have unfounded concerns over the actual expense of corrective treatment. The situation drifts on and on for years and years, the state of your teeth getting worse and worse… Then, out of the blue, comes that life-changing moment. Struck by an irresistible realisation that it’s high time to change your relationship with your teeth comes the solemn vow. I’m FINALLY going to fix this, it absolutely can’t wait ANY longer!

The spur to action maybe the upcoming wedding of your now grown-up child. The realisation that your embarrassing smile will be on show to the world in photos posted over multiple family Facebook accounts. Then again, it might be a long-term relationship ends and you want to make yourself over and start looking after yourself properly again.

Whatever the spark, you now have a strong desire for a brand-new set of sparkly white teeth and want to know how to achieve it.

Here at Zental we have many different options to transform your dental health and get to your dream smile. One of the most popular and cost-effective of these is Teeth in a Day with All-on-4®, an innovative treatment which offers patients with a total or partial loss of teeth, a highly effective treatment option.  And, in most cases, the teeth are removed, implants placed, and the new teeth fitted in a single day!

For a limited period, we are offering Teeth in a Day with All-on-4® from £6,995 with a lifetime guarantee! Click here to book your appointment, or call 0203 982 8602.


To contact us, please click here or call 0203 982 8602

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