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For damaged, missing or discoloured teeth, we offer expert dental crown and bridge services.

Dental crowns cover or cap damaged teeth, enhancing appearance, shape and alignment.
Dental bridges – porcelain teeth matched to the colour of existing teeth – use with crowns or between natural teeth to fill in gaps left by missing or lost teeth.
Often required in order to avoid ongoing complications and infections, dental crowns and bridges can save you time, money and pain down the track. Contact us now for your FREE Consultation

When is a Crown Suitable?

In any of the cases below; the strength of your tooth has been compromised. Crowns can restore strength by giving you a new enamel like cover and give you back that beautiful, healthily-looking natural smile you deserve. 

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The primary purpose of a crown is to cover or protect a damaged tooth. So, if you’ve had a root canal or a very big cavity, You may also need a crown as a part of a dental bridge or with dental implants.

Yes! Your dentist will take impressions or imaging of your teeth, they will also match the color  so your smile can continue to look natural.

it will usually involve two separate appointments. During the first, they will assess your tooth, take measurements and impressions. Additionally, they will shape your tooth for the new crown. Depending on the situation, they may install a temporary crown for you until your permanent one is finished by the in-house dental lab. We’ll schedule your final appointment before you leave the office!

The same way you care for your natural teeth! Brush twice a day, floss at least once, and rinse with an alcohol-free rinse in the evenings before bedtime!

The lifespan of your restoration depends on the material you choose. All metal typically lasts longest, while ceramics and porcelains are more natural looking with a slightly shorter lifespan (although that’s not always the case anymore.) Most crowns are guaranteed for five years, but many people have them last as long as 20 years!

The cost of your dental implant will be determined by the type of implant that you choose

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